2016 Logos

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Length – 38.75″
Width – 9.7″
Wheelbase – 23.5-25.5″
Drop – .25″
Rocker – .25″
Construction – 9 ply maple

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The 2016 Pantheon Logos is here and ready to shred! We started Pantheon in 2014 with the Logos as one of our premier decks in the original lineup. It is now in it’s 3rd rendition and 3rd completely fresh mold. We have made minor changes each year as we learn more about wood bending and how to maximize shape and performance and cater to the ever-changing needs of the skate community, including ourselves.

This year we have kept the platform generally the same size as the 2015 V2. We’ve increased the drop to 1/4″, increased the concave going into the drop to produce a mild flare for greater wheel clearance. We took the center concave back down to the original 2014 V1 version. Personally, after spending a year on the V2 Logos, I missed that sunk in feeling of the V1, even though we made improvements elsewhere. Long live full contact concave! The flare combines with the drop in a way that you’ve definitely never felt in any other board. Rocker stayed the same on the V3 as the V2. At 1/4″, it’s still subtle and not obnoxious but gets the job done.

Last thing we changed this year is the tail. It is now a shape I like to call the “swoop tail,” which is just a gentle increasing radius, as opposed to the through-concave paddle tail that we’ve seen in past Logos decks. We did this to add a little bit of tail feel. You can now reach back without looking and know where you are, where the end is, all that good stuff. Second, the swoopy nature of the tail is really great at locking in when sliding. Blunt slides and just slides off the tail in general are now doable with much more confidence. The tail itself is actually a very subtle bowl shape, from the start all the way to the very tip. You’re going to love it!

Overall, I think we upped the game in board feels this year with the Logos and Gaia mold. The flare-drop combo provides board feels on three sides of the foot more than ever, but it does so in a very gentle, cupping manner, and it combines epically with a comfortable concave that provides full foot contact. The Logos is just a hair wider than the Gaia throughout the length of the board, but it is definitely most noticeable at the nose of the board. If you’re a cross-the-board type of freerider, you may appreciate the extra width up there. This is going to be the downhill/freeride deck of choice for many this year, including myself. Thanks for supporting Pantheon! – JeffV

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 40 x 10 x 4 in

2 reviews for 2016 Logos

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Mikie Keener

    I’ve owned every version of this board and this one is the best by far. The concave is just how you want it to be and stable when you wanna go fast. The kicky ails are very functional making for a good rip if it’s a double flip heel flip or trey flip this board can take it! 2/1 would reccomene!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Emery Thompson

    This board is a boat with fast surf style skating right around the bend. I’ve had this board for a long time and it’s taken heavy hits no sweat. Get this board and kill your quiver!

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