2017 Scoot

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Length – 34″ long
Drop – .375″ crescent
Rocker – .25″ forward loaded
Wheelbase – 25.25 – 27.25″, 1/2″ spacing
Width – 9.8″ max at front heel with taper
Standing Platform – 22″ center drop to drop, 24.61 shoulder to shoulder
Construction – 9 ply Maple

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The Scoot was developed alongside one of our favorite skaters and humans, Scott Hurdleston. Scott is a close friend and local hero, scene stoker, snake charmer, distance skater, tree climber, woodsman, fisherman, skate van driver, and one of the fastest guys we know in the downhill scene. And it only made sense to dedicate our first pro model deck to one of the guys who belongs on our Zombie Apocalypse team, regardless of how many races he’s won. But remember that time he beat James Kelly head to head down Burke Mountain? Yea, we haven’t forgotten either. Since the first release of the Scoot deck, it has been absolutely manhandled by a number of skaters, and nobody has done it better than Chase Hiller, who was easily one of the top downhill skaters of 2017. We are proud and thankful to have been able to link up with Chase and watch him treat our decks with such love and tenacity.

The curved 3/8-inch drop of the Scoot is especially interesting on this board. You can stick your foot behind it like a classic drop, wrap your foot around it, or, my personal favorite, stick the ball of the foot inside the drop at an angle, and wrap the little toes over the top. This is the max leverage position, is incredibly comfortable, and puts your weight in the creases, allowing you to keep your foot on the board in the most gnarly of situations.

The Scoot has a forward weighted rocker with mellow rear W-concave. We changed the overall shape of the profile this year mostly for aesthetic reasons. Watching riders huck it all last year gave us a lot of time to judge ourselves, and the awkward rail shape just bothered me in photos. So we fixed that, and the deck shape has a rad organic feel to it now and is slightly less mechanical. We are an organic company and an organic family and we want organic shapes! We also chopped the long nose and tail, reduced toe number of wheelbase options (because nobody was riding it at a 28″ wheelbase) and really made this deck as nimble and race-ready as possible, with a nice swallow tail for when you’re flying!

It took all year to put this board into production, and we only are able to release a handful of them. Consider this a collector’s item. I doubt we’ll change the shape at this point, because I think we really honed it and made it perfect, but the ever moving Pantheon flow ensures that it will look a little different next year.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Mikie Keener

    Wanna be fast like scott this is as close as you’ll ever get to catching him this board is certified beans just enough drop to be a super good time and just in case the asuras drop is too much this thING is a perfect in between that and a top Mount plus that w in the back is so nice you always know where your feet are and the world feels incredible to push into wether youre standing up or doing a predrift. Hell they’re even some dopey kicktails because if you know scott than you know his putt game is the move not super functional but still super fun. 2/1 would buy again

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