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There is no creativity left in this world. There was a time when we had nothing to do. We sat around. We combined ourselves. We grew body parts and developed ways to measure waves. We made our private parts heart shaped. We grew curls. We radiated in diverse colors. We spent our time learning how to love.

Now we’re on the retreat. We are pulling back and falling for cheap tricks. We are spending our time chasing money, in constant states of various worries. We are becoming less diverse. We are creating limits and rules. We our stucking ourselves as particular things in particular ways of being, as if this is somehow the pinnacle of our conscious path. We need to find a way back into leisurely creating and exploring, or else it will be on to the next one.

Make no mistake, we have more tools in front of us than ever before. It’s not like we aren’t creating. There is still more innovation than ever before. But for what purpose? Are we growing, and in what direction? If our intention is only to sell and to create to sell, or create to solve a problem and sell our services, then what we end up with is a world with a bunch of bi-products. You end up weighing the pros and cons and making sacrifices when you ask yourself if the ends justify the means.

I challenge you to create your world in which the means are all the justification you need.

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