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PANTHEON, please welcome Nelson Oliver, CPA as our new Chief Wellness Officer. Nelson joined us September 1, 2016 as a partner to bring over a decade of business management & skateboarding experience to help take PANTHEON to the next level of excellence in boarding & active transportation.  We are excited to have Nelson on board, and stoked for our future!

Nelson “Nphoenix” Oliver, CPA – After achieving a masters degree in accounting with a focus on financial advisory services while managing a small real estate portfolio, Nphoenix began a career as an enterprise risk management consultant for Deloitte in NYC.  To keep himself sane under leagues of work stress, Nphoenix spent any available time skating the streets of the Big Apple in the numerous ‘outlaw’ push races or group skates happening at the time.  It was at a Concrete Kings “Mini-Bomb” race Nphoenix first met Jeff Vyain (owner, PANTHEON), and a bond was formed over many miles of pushing boards over pavement through traffic and races in the ensuing years.  After three years in NYC, Nphoenix was licensed by the State of NY as a Certified Public Accountant, and had coordinated audit and strategic advisory projects for multinational financial institutions. It was a time wherein he saw how the biggest of the “bad boys” play ball, and was left hollowed, unfulfilled and wondering: “Is this really what life is? Is this really why we’re here!? This can’t be all we live for…”

An so, in 2011, Nphoenix co-founded a 501(c)(3) educational public charity dedicated to a “fucking epic existence for all beings” (FEPIC) and moved to Breckenridge, CO after parting with Deloitte & NYC, and traveled around the US for three years connecting communities and educating himself on holistic living methods.  In late 2014, Nphoenix moved to Denver, Colorado with the intent to align with a top botanicals brand in an emerging highly-regulated industry, and served for 18 months as Controller for a leading infused products manufacturer and vape hardware company with national and international clients and operations.  During his time as Controller, Nphoenix lead the Finance, Accounting and HR Departments, and directed the design and implementation of data and risk management systems for company assets, including: human, capital, land, buildings and equipment.

In Summer 2016, Nphoenix reunited with Jeff V, who had just relocated with PANTHEON to Colorado, and was invited to participate in bringing his passion for sustainability and excellence in business to another deep love–skateboarding. Nphoenix is committed to holistic wellness and financial abundance; he brings the benefit of his experience and perspective to bear with clearly defined intent and focus to each moment, and seeks to leave all people and situations better. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you. Namaste.

Reach Nphoenix at to connect, say hello, or if you have any interest in investing in PANTHEON’s success!

From Jeff and Fam: Nelson is an inspiring and trusted friend that we’ve known for years. I’m having a hard time explaining how excited I am to bring him aboard to the business side of Pantheon. In truth, I don’t think we could continue to do this without him, especially when considering some of the exciting things we have coming to our future. This is an alignment that I think we both saw coming several years ago, probably before Pantheon ever manifested in the physical, but is an especially timely reconnection now that we’re both in the Front Range. Please welcome him aboard, knowing that Nelson’s presence helps in Pantheon’s continued progression and growth toward righteousness!

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