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Cha’boy Mitchell Krepps asked me a few questions for a forestry class, and I realized that posting this little mini interview to a blog would be a solid opportunity to continue following through with our mission of raising awareness. It was a solid exercise just for myself to more solidify my feelings on what we’re doing, and you might even take a moment to think about these questions for yourself as you continue your own personal journeys!

Mitch: In what way are trees and forests important to you?

JV: Most importantly, they provide us with oxygen and regenerate the earth for animal life. Then, they provide us with fruits, nuts, and are habitats for animals that we might require for food. Then, wood is an excellent source for building, whether it’s for a house, tools, or for recreational equipment.

Mitch: What concerns and issues do you have with forests/ trees?
JV: Mostly that the pressures of constant growth in our capitalist consumer society are resulting in an under appreciation for one of our world’s greatest natural resources and sources of energy. There really needs to be a world plan if there’s going to be a world economy.
Mitch: Do you have any negative feelings about trees?

JV: I feel a little bit of guilt being in an industry which exploits them. We try to minimize this by creating boards which both highlight their tree-ness (so you don’t forget where it comes from) and by stretching the designs and care that goes into the product and maximizing the material’s potential. I still have some guilt about it though. I wish I could make less of them and need less. Reality is we haven’t even reached the level of business that we need to sustain our family yet, though, so if anything, I have to grow or give it up. It’s a tricky situation. I think as long as we can create something that people can really appreciate fully, we are spreading the message of the awesomeness of trees, and that may make someone want to conserve them more. A great example of this is our premier double drop longboard, the Trip. What an amazing feeling board that truly maxmizes the materials that go into it. It makes me feel proud that we can pay such tribute to its origin. That’s my rationality at least…I’m not sure if it’s valid or not at the level that we have to buy and sell to really be sustainable.

That’s it. Thanks for reading! Consider thinking about this for yourself, and applying your personal feelings toward your buying decisions in the future!

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