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All things happen in waves. Waves are repeated. Practice making waves you want to repeat.

We have taught ourselves to use the term self-consciousness–to be self-conscious–with a negative connotation. To describe something that happens to our selves that makes us uncomfortable. But let’s take the word for what it is, not as how we feel about it. To be self-conscious is actually the biggest gift which is humanity. It is exactly how we describe ourselves to be human, to the utmost extent. If we feel like we are doing something wrong when we are being self-conscious, aren’t we also saying that being human is a bad thing–something we should be ashamed of? If we are to be shameful of our humanity, why do we choose to exist it? You know, at any point in time, you actually physically have control over your existence. So let’s just make it 100% clear that being human is a choice.

Participating in self reflection and self awareness is actually the very essence of humanity. Choosing to look at yourself, find yourself, affirm yourself internally, and then externally by acting upon your affirmation and choosing to literally BE, not through your existence but through your actions, is what it means to BE human. That is the very nature of humanity, and finding ways to ignore this nature is equal to ignoring your existence–to essentially die, or live as if you didn’t matter. Which is exactly what you’re doing. Mattering.

The world is gradually changing its opinion on the medicinal plant, marijuana. If you’re one of those older generation people who chose to stopped smoking weed because it made you uncomfortable, or it made you self-conscious, then maybe it’s time to rethink those feelings about smoking weed. Maybe you don’t like being self-conscious. You know, it makes me uneasy too sometimes. But I can tell you for sure that being self-conscious is a good thing, even if it makes you uncomfortable in public. Maybe that’s just a sign that you have some more reflecting to do so that you can feel more confident in your affirmation of existence. Maybe if we all practiced being self conscious more often, we would become more like who we really want to be simply through the acting upon sheer determination to become as comfortable in your existence as possible. I’m not saying you should be high all the time…I don’t feel that way at all. I’m simply saying that PRACTICING self-reflection leads to it gradually coming more and more naturally to a person in any state of consciousness. Practicing conscious awareness, whether through meditation, working out, marijuana, or whatever does it for you, is a worthy exercise.

This writing is an expression of my affirmation of existence. I want to help myself and others by being a conscious version of me.

So this is mainly expressed toward my family and friends. I hope you guys get to experience this level of self reflection periodically, regardless of how you get there. Also it’s directed at myself. Self, don’t worry about reflecting, and enjoy those times when you do it well. Also to anybody who is choosing to be receptive to learning from my personal experience. This is an opportunity maybe. If I were me searching outwardly right now, this concept might be a nice little something to find, I think. Or it may be like, well, duh, dude. If that’s the case, even better!

Cheers, and good luck to everybody racing tomorrow. I am thinking about what it must be like to be going down Pike’s Peak right now. It’s gotta be incredible. Hope to act that one out in future and share that experience with you all. Official-ass Pantheon Team Member David Ramirez is out there. Please wish him luck and give him a nice draft!

Also, we are taking and asking for board feedback. There are tons of ways to give feedback. We have a facebook group that you’ll have to personally ask to get invited to, but you’re welcome if you own a Pantheon deck and would like to help us out with feedback. You are also welcome (and it would be greatly appreciated) to leave a review on our facebook page or on our silverfish thread:

That’s all for now. I might update.

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