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SEED Deck – Slalom Downhill Deck Built for Gripping Corners


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Length – 32″
Width – 9.4″
Wheelbase – 21-22.75″
Play Wheelbase – 16.25-18″
Tail Angle – 7 degrees

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Pantheon Seed Downhill Slalom Skateboard – Carbon Fiber Goodness

The Seed is designed for high speed pumping in HS or GS slalom, and for grip ‘n rip downhill, whether that is in garages, at Maryhill, or any downhill skating in Colorado, because well, that’s just what the boys are doing here. This board should really only be purchased by someone who is willing to set it up properly. It is definitely a specialty design and needs to be coupled with a specialty setup, with trucks likely somewhere in the 110-130mm range and wheels to match the trucks which will set the outer lip near the max width of the deck, which is 9.4 inches. I set mine up with DontTrip 124mm Slalocybins and Venom 76mm Cobra Core Cannibals. Randal 125mm will work for a lower cost cast truck, but you should find yourself one of those old-school 35 degree baseplates and dewedge the back a bit.

Note: A 7 degree dewedged Khiro soft riser off the tail will essentially bring this board to flat.

This mold has concave throughout the deck. It is a solid radial in the front that tapers a bit but still holds concave all the way through the tail. It’s not a lot in the back, but it’s just enough to make the board feel like it’s cupping your feet. There is a flush-mount in the tail so that your risers will sit flat and you’ll know you’re working with true angles. We cut as little wood away as possible, so you won’t see much, but the flush is cut for function, and you will appreciate it when setting up this deck, which is far easier than many slalom decks we grew up with.

When it’s the offseason, we designed this board to accept a TKP old-school shredder setup at a 16.25-inch minimum wheelbase. If you want to send it in the pools, you can! It doesn’t have to be there, but it’s there because skateboarding is fun, and we want you to have fun.

We are offering this deck in 7 ply maple core with carbon sandwich. It is plenty stiff enough for those who are ready for the slalom downhill experience! Made in Boulder, Colorado!

Length – 32″
Width – 9.4″
Wheelbase – 21-22.75″
Play Wheelbase – 16.25-18″
Tail Angle – 7 degrees

Additional information

Weight5 lbs
Dimensions38 × 10 × 1 in

8 ply Maple, 7 ply w/ Carbon

1 review for SEED Deck – Slalom Downhill Deck Built for Gripping Corners

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Bee (verified owner)

    If you enjoy the occasional small board or if you genuinely have small feet this board is a must.
    Subtle concave in the back slower getting deeper the closer you go to the front standing platform has kept me locked in without problem. Weather your back foot falls snug on the standing platform or wedged in the tail mount this board feels comfortable when sideways no matter which direction you slide. From freeride to dh this board is not only comfortable going fast but the beautiful wheelwells leave ample space for big trucks or big wheels.
    With a 9.4” wide and 32” long this board is an easy to go travel companion.
    Id give the seed an easy 10/10 without a flaw I’d address!
    Ps pantheons carbon wraps are way pretty and crazy stiff (spend the extra money, it’s worth it)

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