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Ember – Mini Commuter Longboard


Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 4 customer ratings
5.0 (4 reviews)

Length: 32.75″
Width: 8.5″
WB: 25″

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Best Commuter Longboard, Period. Mini Cruiser Longboard, Giant Wheels, No Wheelbite

The Ember is the skateboarder’s longboard. At 32.75 inches long and 8.5 inches wide, it is nearly the same size as a street deck. It uses street trucks, also known as traditional kingpin (TKP) trucks, and fits huge wheels, wheelbite free. It will stuff in most lockers or under your desk with ease. This makes the Ember just about the best commuter longboard possible for short to mid-distance rides. And it’s hardly any larger than your average mini cruiser! Check out this article on why the Ember is the best “mini cruiser” longboard ever. It makes so much sense that it will absolutely become a premier staple in your longboard quiver.

Whether this is your first board or your tenth, we designed this for ease of use. It is small, light, low, and nimble. And it is also a perfect balance of cost vs quality. Longboard travel is easiest with big wheels, a thin profile, and a low platform. Other mini cruiser boards may tempt you with the price tag, but we offer this commuter complete with premium accessories. We do this because, for the purpose of commute, the quality of the turn and the smoothness of the ride will likely be the difference between riding every day or not. We want you to ride, and with this board, you will want to, too. Your experience matters–to us, to you–and we built the Ember accordingly.

New Changes to our top commuter longboard!

· Epoxy Lamination – We have chosen to lay up the new Ember with epoxy. This makes it significantly more weather and warp proof!
· Perfect Lamination – Tighter tolerances and single-up pressing make this deck more durable than ever.
· Laser Cut Grip Applied! – Pre-applied laser cut grip tape gives you a super sexy look. We picked that papery-style grip that feels best for cruising.

Riding the Ember – Mini Cruiser Board with Giant Wheels

The Ember is tiny. Any skater who can skate a street deck will be very familiar with the stance. There’s plenty of space you need, and nothing extra. It fits huge wheels, making rolling over objects in the road much safer and smoother. This is ideal for any commuter longboard and is great for beginner skateboards too. And it packs like a mini cruiser board! You can pick it up and take it with you with ease, no matter where you end up. Stuff it in a locker or under a desk. Take it on a plane to Japan! Lean it up against the nearest wall and watch the eyes wander toward the attractive art. You must be a really cool dude!

We’ve dropped the platform low with a 3/4-inch crescent drop and 1/4 of rocker between the drops. It is the perfect commuter longboard, being easy to push, easy to footbrake, and easy to slide to a stop. It’s nimble, lightweight, and supports huge wheels and thin trucks, which keeps you from kicking the wheels and smashing your face.

Because the deck is specifically designed around street trucks, you stand closer to the wheels, where you have the most control and leverage. No other commuter longboard is made this way, because almost any other longboard with similar characteristics will be built to support RKP trucks. The axle placement between these two styles is very different, and it matters for the way your board rides. We designed our Trip double drop longboard with RKPs in mind. The Ember, however, is built to maximize the interface between STREET trucks, your feet, and your board. It fits a ton of ride capability into a truly tiny longboard package. For a real idea of the stance and ride, watch this Pantheon Ember Commuter Longboard Video and see it in action!

Setup Advice

The Ember is the street skater’s commuter longboard. We designed it specifically around 149mm street trucks. Slap some Indys on it and some big ass wheels and you are ready to go! We prefer this board with Paris Street 149mm, though you are welcome to use any street truck you want. Paris just have THAT FEEL, and this isn’t any favoritism being played here, though we clearly picked one. We tested everything on the Ember. Paris are the trucks that we can push the hardest while feeling balanced and turn the best off of one foot, which is imperative for a true commuter skateboard. If you can’t steer the thing, you’re going to end up knocking someone’s laptop out of their arms. A low cost mini cruiser longboard that you can actually control, then, is a good investment on many fronts!

Big wheels are key for any commuter board! Every truck we have ridden on this board has worked with stock bushings without bite. We have tried 80mm Orangatang Kegels, 85mm Orangatang Caguamas, Seismic 85mm Speed Vents, 78mm Seismic Blast Waves, Orangatang 75mm InHeats, and lots of smaller centerset wheels. While all of the wheels get very close to the board, this is exactly as the board is designed. Tight tolerances like a modern sports car. No offense to drivers who prefer to swim on the road, but that’s not what the Ember is for. This is a modern commuter skateboard with tight, reactive suspension and tons of control. Compared to other mini cruisers on the road, the Ember flies by them all.

Final Details

The Ember sets up as a complete that is reasonably priced and extremely purposed. Other mini cruiser longboards may be cheaper, but you get what you pay for. They will sit in your closet, while the Ember will fly under your feet. It’s not just a longboard because longboards are cool, or because we thought we could sell you on “cool.” It’s a longboard meant to take you where you want to go, whether you’re a beginning skater, an old former skate rat rekindling your passion, a student, a coffee house computer clacker, or a suit. If you are trying to get where you’re going with a smile and with ease, It just makes sense.


Length – 32.75 inches
Wheelbase – 25 inches
Width – 8.5 inches
Drop – 3/4 inch crescent
Rocker – 1/4 inch

DESIGNED AROUND TRADITIONAL STREET TRUCKS ONLY! 149MM AND UP! Consider purchasing the Free Hands Fingerless Slide Gloves for commuter and distance skating safety. Some of us can’t work with hands like Swiss cheese! Clack those pucks together and let people know you’re coming, or even throw a hand down for a slide around a tight sidewalk corner!

Having trouble deciding on your commuter board? Read this article on our commuter boards – the Ember vs the Trip! Thanks for checking us out at Pantheon Longboards!

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 33 x 10 x 1.5 in
Deck Style

Yggdrasil Graphic (Multi-Level Trees), Logos Graphic (Skeleton and Eyes), Sacrifice Graphic (Lady and Trees

4 reviews for Ember – Mini Commuter Longboard

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Tyler Topping

    I’m having an absolute BLAST skating the Ember. I’ve been skating it every day – whether its going to class or going to get groceries, it is the perfect commuter/cruiser. The board is extremely light weight and compact which makes for faster push acceleration from a stop, something that is often overlooked but I find important for commuting. The light weight and compactness also makes it very easy to carry around and store. Although its very compact, there is a surprisingly large foot platform to work with. I am 6’2″ with size 12 feet and I have no issues. I can even flat-foot tuck while going down hills on this deck. The flex of this board provides a great dampening to rough pavement as well as a more comfortable push. I weigh 200lbs and its held up just find for me. I switched out my indys with paris 149 tkps and it makes a world of difference as far as steering while pushing goes. Great call on Jeff’s part and I highly recommend you do the same. I’m falling back in love with just pushing around for the fun of it! Amazing work on the Ember. It’ll be a part of my quiver as long as it can roll!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    Im looking for small board for cruising/commute, but I´m a bit heavier rider. I weight about 220lbs, should I go with Ember or Trip 8ply? Which one is better for heavier rider?


    • admin

      Either one should work, but you are definitely on the upper weight limit of those decks. I’d probably trust the Trip more, but I don’t think either would fail you for a long time.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Colin (verified owner)

    I just got into longboarding this past year. I live in a crowded city replete with plenty of giant sidewalk cracks and stretches of nothing but brick sidewalks.

    I’ve tried a couple setups before: mini-cruisers, a drop through, and a longer topmount.

    The Ember has opened up the city for me. My giant SpeedVents can tackle the chunky brick parts and the giant sidewalk cracks. In the street or on bike paths, I can glide for days. The doubledrop makes footbraking simple, even if I still tend to stomp too often. And when the terrain or hills get a little too intense for me, I can pop up the deck and carry it any distance without it feeling like a burden.

    Beyond that, the feel is just… right. I don’t know enough about longboard tech or deck design to articulate this feeling in any way, but it just feels great, like someone custom-made a board for me to enjoy. And “enjoy” is the word. I actively want to go out and ride this board everyday, even just to zip around the neighborhood on an errand or for fun.

    I am skating so much more than I was before, and I am that much more confident doing it. This setup really made the difference for me, and I’m excited for it to be my daily ride for a very, very long time.

    To be fair, my only quibbles:

    The deck feels a little narrow at times with my size 13 feet. Going super slow my first time out testing turns on the Ember, my heels caught the pavement, but that has never come close to happening at speed. The Trip could be better for people with feet as big as mine since the deck is wider.
    The kicktail works fine enough for popping up the deck when needed, but I haven’t yet figured out how well it can work for kickturns. Given my tight urban environment, that can be an occasional bummer when I need to go slow approaching a blind 90 degree turn and then want to be able to kickturn and push.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5


    Don’t buy a mini-cruiser. Buy an Ember.

    I never really understood why shorter versions of top-mounted downhill decks are marketed for cruising when they don’t allow for big wheels and aren’t low to the ground (the main things that you want in a deck that is good for actual cruising). Jeff from Pantheon calls them “Penny Killers” and I think that is a more accurate name. If you’re looking for a portable, easy to carry deck that is ideal for cruising, the Ember is your best option. Period. It’s like a sports car that allows for gigantic wheels. It’s a ton of fun to ride, low to the ground, and extremely easy to push. I highly recommend 85mm Seismic Speed Vents. I like them more than Kegels. I’m 5’9, 210, size 13 feet and while the smaller platform did take a little bit of getting used to, it was totally worth it. I love that I can ride this to the gym and throw it in a gym locker (it fits perfectly). Or ride it to a bar and throw it under a table. I frequently carry it with me on the train or in a store when I run errands. I prefer my Pantheon Quest for long distance pushing, but the Ember could certainly handle that too.

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