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Pantheon “Summit Series” Nexus – Drop Through, Dropped Platform with Carbon Fiber


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Length: 36.25″ (92 cm)
Width: 9.7″ (24.75 cm)
WB: 29.5 – 30.25″ (75 – 76.85 cm)

*Sold Without Griptape – Set it Up for your Needs
*Made To Order – If out of stock, will ship within 2-3 Weeks, if not sooner.
*Not Currently Offered as a Complete

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The Pantheon Nexus has returned!

The Pantheon Nexus was our original double drop longboard. This means it is a drop through longboard also featuring a dropped platform. Designed to be the meeting point between many major longboard disciplines, we have made some minor changes from its original design but have kept the original intent alive. From downhill and freeride to covering long distances, the Nexus has you covered. It is easily one of the most confidence inspiring boards out there. The drop through, dropped standing platform lowers the center of gravity, enhancing natural stability and putting more side-force into the wheels when turning, which helps initiate slides with more ease and confidence, and being so low to the ground makes pushing an afterthought. And the stiff platform provides both confidence at speed and the necessary stiffness for heavier riders looking for a push-specific deck.

The Nexus has intense curves that are both ergonomic and comfortable. The crescent drop you’ve grown to know and love Pantheon Longboards for is, of course, a big part of this deck. One inch big, to be exact! And in between the drops, we’ve added a quarter inch of rocker for even lower pushing and to increase confidence in slides. Combine this dropped platform on a drop through longboard, and this is the board that we’ve been taking up and down the mountains here in Colorado, setting personal records for uphill pushing and equally pushing our limits down the hill. Seriously…the fastest standup slides I’ve ever thrown have been on this deck, in bathing suit shorts. While this is not exactly recommended, the point stands. Confidence goes up being on such a low, stiff, and forgiving platform. 

What’s New on Our Updated Nexus Longboard

· Lower Platform! – Features a big 1-inch crescent drop with a quarter in rocker in the platform! It is lower for easier distance pushing and more confidence inspiring sliding
· Lightweight Construction – We bypassed the maple core and went for a specially constructed vertically laminated poplar core with one cross ply maple in the middle. And the top and bottom are beautifully laminated carbon fiber. This is wet laid and pressed all together with the core at once. It is as light and strong as a deck can be built!
· More Wheel Clearance! – We’ve been honing this over time to get it just right. You can now run thinner trucks with larger wheels on the Nexus when compares to previous models

New “Summit Series” Carbon Fiber / Poplar Construction With Massive Sex Appeal

The Summit Series Nexus is developed here locally in Colorado at World Tree Workshop. We love working with Sage, who runs the shop, and fancy that, we even had a deck by the same name at one point! The Universe works in mysterious ways. One thing that’s not mysterious is how we came up with such a sexy looking board. We’ve been around the block some, and we worked with Sage on his carbon construction to get these glossy looking decks wet laid with carbon fiber in one pressing. This creates an epoxy infused, super strong deck, and when combined with our proprietary Pantheon curves, it’s enough gloss to make a man go blind, and enough strength to set you straight.

The poplar core is a new touch for us and is designed for an extremely lightweight deck for snappy slide initiation and more comfortable uphill pushing. We coupled the poplar with a cross ply maple veneer in the middle. This is to strengthen the board. Something we have seen with vertically laminated cores before is that when they take hard hits, USUALLY they’re good, but every once in a while, they split along the vertical lamination and it causes the deck to nearly explode. This is because all the glue lines and grain of the wood is going in the same direction. It’s almost like the deck was designed to explode this way! By putting a cross ply maple in between the two vertically laminated core pieces, we create a stop point. So that way, if some massive hit were to occur, the momentum of a split could not go from the top to the bottom core piece without splitting an opposing grain from the length of the split. Obviously carbon or fiberglass would be fairly resistant to this as well, which is why this doesn’t happen very often. But because carbon and glass, even though very strong, are fairly brittle, once a split starts to occur in carbon or fiberglass, that, too, splits with a sort of momentum. Our cross ply right in the center of the deck is a perfect combatant to this phenomenon, because wood is dense and tends to dent against the grain, rather than crack.

Best Setup for the Drop Through Nexus Longboard

The Nexus has been redesigned for more versatility in setup selection than ever. It makes for a most excellent pusher, which is why we put almost the exact same clearance capabilities as our Double Drop Trip longboard deck. Designed around RKPs, the Nexus has only a slightly wider neck (for added stiffness) than the Trip, meaning that if you choose to set it up with Paris 150s, you will need to stiffen up your setup by just a touch. That said, with it’s 9.7-inch width in the body, it really shines with around 160-165mm trucks. That makes Paris Savants and Ronin cast Katanas our favorite setups we have tried so far. Premium trucks for a premium deck. It is certainly very comfortable on classic freeride trucks like the Paris 180mm, and though we haven’t tried it yet, I bet the 9-inch Calibers are super nice on it as well (158mm) as well as Arsenal 165mm (we will try dropping through some Arsenals soon!). The setup we’ve been riding is the 160mm cast Ronin Katanas with 85mm Speed Vents. Though the Speed Vents aren’t exactly notorious for their smooth sliding, the roll speed has been worth it, and the stiff platform when compared to the Trip, for example, makes up for the chatter and really smooths out the ride quite a bit. Equally awesome has been setting it up with freeride wheels.We prefer larger ones like the Orangatang Cage, for example, or just some nicely scrubbed downhill wheels. What a freeride rip!

Drop Through Truck Mounting Options

The Nexus has wheelbase spacing at .375″ apart. Some trucks like Caliber, Aera, or Ronin, push the axle in toward the body of the deck and will be ideal on the outer 30.25″ wheelbase option. Other trucks like Paris, Randal, or Valkyrie, have more “standard” axle placement and will be ideally set up on the inner wheelbase option. We gave you options because the versatility of this board really leaves setup options up to the rider. Do you want it for learning to freeride or downhill? Maybe Ronin or Aera are your best options. Are you a heavier rider looking for a great push deck? Paris 180mm or 165mm Savants probably can’t be beat.

One note about Aera trucks for any drop through longboard. The pivot area on the K5 as well as the RF1 are extra wide, and it is likely that you will have to file down your board to make it work. The setup is sick, though, so if you’re up for it and you have the cash to drop on Aeras, it’s probably worth it! You’ll have to cut in a little notch right behind whichever mounting holes you decide to use. Cut as little as possible and consider resealing the deck with either a polyurethane spray or a fancy oil or beeswax. The carbon is already sealed, so it won’t take much on the rail.

Hill Riding Is LDP’s Future!

There is no better active way to get around on hilly terrain than a skateboard! Seriously, I pass more bikers going up our local Lookout Mountain than bikers pass me. Only the tightest of spandex wearing bois have a chance, and the steeper the hill, the more likely I am to make the pass–up or down. Meanwhile, these guys have a saddle up their nuts and are activating far less balance muscles than a skateboarder ever would. The Zen you will experience on a skateboard has value, and sure, maybe it’s a little tougher to master, but mastering hard things is a huge part of the human experience! Live it! Not shitting on bikes here, but…skateboards are way more fun. Let’s be real.

And once you’ve taken the leap to a skateboard, the next step is mastering your skills and learning how to survive whatever is in your path. Hill riding is a sort of special skill–one with seemingly large stakes. But once you’ve learned how to fall (assuming you are properly geared up with a helmet and some slide gloves like the Free Hands fingerless slide gloves), you can do it very safely. If the distance bug has bitten you, the next thing you’ll start to think about is where you can go. Learning to master skills that will stretch your ability to travel is both integral and exciting!

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Weight5 lbs
Dimensions38 × 10 × 2 in


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