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Pantheon Pranayama *PRE-ORDER* – Cruiser Longboard


5.0 (6 reviews)

22 in stock

  • Deck only or Complete?

    Our recommended Complete setup includes Paris Silver 149mm Street Trucks, Seismic 85mm Speed Vents  or 85mm Orangatang Caguama Wheels, and AOA Built-in Bearings. Customize your setup below.

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The Pranayama is Back (Well…almost)

FIRST THING’S FIRST. THIS IS A PRE-ORDER. We are expecting these boards in the first week of June. They are paid for and currently being shipped to Pantheon HQ here in Colorado. So if you’re purchasing before June 5th or so, understand that this is a pre-order and you are securing a spot in line. We will fulfill orders as first come, first served. We truly appreciate your business! Times have been crazy these past few months, and we are thankful to still be here creating performance oriented products with heart. Thanks for believe in us, supporting our company and brand, and we are stoked to get you riding on a Pantheon! UPDATE: 149mm Paris Trucks are now out of stock. Thanks for all your orders! All future “complete” orders will be shipped as soon as trucks are back in stock, due at the end of July. 

The Pranayama is built off of our Trip Double Drop Longboard platform. This is tried and true. And hey, check the reviews! People love it, and for good reason. It is low, agile, and just a ton of fun. In fact, you may have a Trip already! And if you do, it’s probably the most ridden board you own. So all this talk about the Trip, and you say, well what the heck is a Pranayama for then? And that’s actually an easy question for us to answer.

Despite being as clear as humanly possible that we felt the Trip would and should be optimized with RKP trucks, people were putting TKP trucks on it! Shops were doing it, too. And look, I get it. It’s bite free, hassle free setup that you can put a wider range of wheels on. But it’s not optimized–certainly not up to our standard–and some of the customer feedback we have received with that specific setup corroborated our feelings on it. It had less control than we were used to with the RKP trucks, too much flex, and it bottomed out easily, and it was especially unstable at speed, even while the Ember deck, which also sports TKPs, felt fine at fairly high speeds for us. But one thing really stuck with us with that setup. It was SO LOW and SMOOTH. Like it really made pushing feel effortless. I could stand on that board, one foot on the ground and the other on the board, both knees locked with just my hips a little offset. The setup really inspired, and even though it wasn’t what we felt it should be, it got us thinking about what it COULD BE.

In the end, we took everything we learned from our other double drop built for TKP trucks, the Ember Mini Commuter Longboard, and we optimized our Trip platform for an even tighter fit than the Ember to really bring the Pranayama to life with maximized control on the lowest available platform. The tighter wheelbase and shorter neck reduce the flex to enhance control and reduce the flex in the neck that causes bottoming out on such a low platform. What we get is an incredibly tight racecar of a deck, truly built around and optimized for TKP trucks with 85mm wheels. We don’t recommend anything else on it. Anything smaller would be a waste of such closely optimized wheel cutouts and potentially too low, and anything larger will bite. But you put it together like this and you have a ride that is going to be hard to get off of. And that’s the whole point. The Pranayama is really centered around pure ease of push. We expect it to be popular for ultra long distances, beginner skateboarders, and people looking to use a skateboard for exercise.

Setup Advice

The Pranayama is truly optimized on Paris 149mm trucks and your choice of any color and durometer (softness) of either the 85mm Seismic Speed Vents OR the 85mm Orangatang Caguama wheels. Paris are notoriously high TKP trucks, so if you want a lower setup, you can try a classic Independent 149mm as well, but really, we love the turn on Paris so much that if wanted it to be lower, we would just pick a slightly smaller wheels like the Orangatang 80mm Kegel or the new 80.5mm Seismic Alpha, or put a little drop through riser on the board. We do feel, though, that most will appreciate the stock height and feel of the suggested setups. It is unlikely that it can get any better, but we will pay attention to reviews and our own experiences and modify this section if necessary.


Length – 31.375 inches
Wheelbase – 26 inches
Width – 9.25 inches
Drop – 1.3 inch crescent
Profile – Slight Mustache Camber/Rocker
Construction – 9 ply maple

DESIGNED AROUND TRADITIONAL STREET TRUCKS ONLY! Don’t MAKE ME come after you for setting this up wrong!

Thanks for checking us out at Pantheon Longboards!


6 reviews for Pantheon Pranayama *PRE-ORDER* – Cruiser Longboard

  1. M (verified owner)

    Amazing, the perfect commute. Rides smooth like butter.

    • Jeff V.

      Woohoo! Thanks for our first Pranayama review 🙂 Stoked you’re happy with your purchase, and yes, we agree completely. BUTTERY

  2. Dustin Parry (verified owner)

    First Pantheon board and I love it. Sooo smooth and definitely fast. A bit faster than I’m used to but so easy to ride.

  3. Justin (verified owner)

    Amazing board I loved every moment I was on it and it led me to commit to skating as hobby more than I ever have. also phenomenal service. I’m in awe at how much Jeff cares for his customers. It’s very rare to find this kind of service thank you again pantheon longboards.

  4. Michael Howell (verified owner)

    This board was worth the wait! It came perfectly set up. Jeff is THE Pantheon guru! It’s buttery smooth ride is true and fast. It was dark when it got here from fedex but there was no way I was waiting til morning to go! Easily the best longboard pusher I’ve ever ridden. Jeff you killed it with this board! Thank you Pantheon!

  5. Michael Melo (verified owner)

    I am essentially a new rider; I haven’t been a skateboard since I was a child (though I have snowboarded as an adult). I’m 46 and a fan of most types of human-powered transportation. An avid mountain biker, bicycle commuter etc. I have had Pantheon on my radar for a long time but having many other sports and activities I take part in I just wasn’t sure how they would fit into my lifestyle. What initially drew me to Pantheon was their commuter concept and the possibility of using one in my daily travels around town. I dismissed them for a long time for a few reasons I don’t live in a flat part of the world, our terrain is anything but smooth and how would I carry anything? Fast forward to a few weeks ago, I finally scratched the curiosity itch and purchased the Pranayama. First impressions were; wow this thing has MASSIVE wheels I’ve never seen a skateboard like it. It’s beautiful, smooth, curvy and feels like a precision-made product. Despite appearances, I still figured I would relegate this to the ski closet as a once in awhile sports gear item. Then I took my first kick out our driveway and glided for what seemed like forever, this on a slight but never the less uphill! I looked back in disbelief at my son who was giggling at what must have been my stunned facial expression. I am hooked. Many kicks later I have now used the Pranayama on multiple rides within a 2-3km radius of my house. Trips to the hardware store, doctor’s office and grocery store. I’m learning how to foot brake and am now comfortable getting in and out of parking lots riding over sidewalk transitions and with the help of sliding glove taking tighter corners at some speed. The giant wheels glide over rough terrain and up and over obstacles easily and the super low and narrow deck makes kicking comfortable and efficient. Not only is this board entirely practical as a commuting device, but it’s also a ridiculously fun way of getting around town and opens up another awesome way to adventure in the city. If you are like me and on the fence about the practicality of this board for commuting and therefore wonder how you would find time to ride it, I can wholeheartedly recommend you take the plunge. I have fallen hard for this board so much so I’ll be grabbing a Trip to see what this RKP thing is all about and an Ember for my son shortly.

  6. Dillon Alexander Kettle

    When can I order a pranayama longboard complete??

    • Jeff V.

      We are working on getting them back in stock! They were super popular and sold out faster than we expected!

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