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Pantheon Pranayama – Perfect, Low Cruiser Longboard


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Pranayama – The Perfect Fitting Low Cruiser Longboard

These are the last of our Pranayamas for a couple months. If they’re listed in stock, we have them. Please note that we are currently out of Paris 149mm trucks, so if you want your deck NOW, order as a deck only. If you want to secure a complete, you are welcome to do so. We had been expecting 149mm Paris to show around first week of August, but they’re currently delayed. I can’t promise exactly when they would ship–only that we will hold the deck and parts until they arrive and we will ship them out as soon as they do.

Now to the specifics. The standard Pranayama are 100%. We had been holding them to account for any blemishes or mistakes during our first run. All is well and now they can sell. The  “B-Grade” decks are discounted because the top ply split open during the pressing process. This is not the weirdest thing in the world to happen during a wood bend as significant as the one we have made in this board, and because every piece of wood is different, some of the plies reacted to that wood bend differently than the vast majority, which usually make the bend without issue. The crack is visible in the outer ply only. Per the geometry, this is the ply that gets the most intense bend and therefore is the most susceptible to cracking. We expect these boards to perform very well. The split happened during the pressing process, which means the resin material that is placed between the plies for lamination seeped through the crack and filled the gap. Because resin is harder than wood, and because the wood is cracked ALONG THE GRAIN as opposed to across it, we do not expect this to cause any structural issues. It is most likely that you will have 100% of the ride experience with these as you would with any board and that this is just a visual blemish, but we cannot guarantee that these boards will last any better or worse than our typical “A-Grade” decks. We certainly have a lot of faith in them, which is why we listed them for sale. I expect our customers to be super stoked on getting such a high value ride at a bargain!

Take a look at the pictures. Your deck will look approximately like this. We picked one of the worst ones we could find, so the gap won’t be any bigger than the one on this board.

The Pranayama – Low Riding Distance Cruiser Longboard (COVID UPDATE)

You’ve settled on the most perfectly fitted cruiser longboard in existence! Let’s cover the small bases first: We have a small number of Pranayama B-Grade Decks here in stock. They are all essentially the same in terms of their “issue.” When they were pressed, the top ply (grip side) cracked in the neck along the grain. This is important to note, because the grain is still intact, meaning that it is still providing strength along the length of the deck. When the crack formed, the gap was filled with epoxy, and epoxy is stronger than wood, so my expectation is that you are going to feel like you got a steal if you get one of these boards, because it’s a sweet deal for a visual blemish, but I don’t expect that blemish to affect the longevity of the deck whatsoever. We will list a small number of these on the website for sale as deck only on the evening of Friday, July 10, and at the end of the month, when our next stock of 149mm street trucks comes in, we will release the last batch of B-grade decks.

Currently, we have more decks of all of our models due sometime around the end of August or very beginning of September. Our goal is to get them shipping ASAP after the order is done, and we will list our boards for pre-sale again once they are en route. They will be approximately 25 days out once they are finished, and we will ship them out as quickly as possible in the order that they were received. Thanks for your patience this year. Production has been crazy with all the COVID stuff happening, and very thankfully, it seems that the whole world is stoked on Pantheon and we are just trying to keep up!

The Pranayama is built off of our Trip Double Drop Longboard platform. This is tried and true. And hey, check the reviews! People love it, and for good reason. It is low, agile, and just a ton of fun. In fact, you may have a Trip already! And if you do, it’s probably the most ridden board you own. So all this talk about the Trip, and you say, well what the heck is a Pranayama for then? And that’s actually an easy question for us to answer.

Despite being as clear as humanly possible that we felt the Trip would and should be optimized with RKP trucks, people were putting TKP trucks on it! Shops were doing it, too. And look, I get it. It’s bite free, hassle free setup that you can put a wider range of wheels on. But it’s not optimized–certainly not up to our standard–and some of the customer feedback we have received with that specific setup corroborated our feelings on it. It had less control than we were used to with the RKP trucks, too much flex, and it bottomed out easily, and it was especially unstable at speed, even while the Ember deck, which also sports TKPs, felt fine at fairly high speeds for us. But one thing really stuck with us with that setup. It was SO LOW and SMOOTH. Like it really made pushing feel effortless. I could stand on that board, one foot on the ground and the other on the board, both knees locked with just my hips a little offset. The setup really inspired, and even though it wasn’t what we felt it should be, it got us thinking about what it COULD BE. We envisioned a perfectly assembled cruiser longboard, perfectly fitted specifically for TKP trucks and huge wheels.

In the end, we took everything we learned from our other double drop built for TKP trucks, the Ember Mini Commuter Longboard, and we optimized our Trip platform for an even tighter fit than the Ember to really bring the Pranayama to life with maximized control on the lowest available platform. The tighter wheelbase and shorter neck reduce the flex to enhance control and reduce the flex in the neck that causes bottoming out on such a low platform. What we get is an incredibly tight racecar of a deck, truly built around and optimized for TKP trucks with 85mm wheels, for a perfectly assembled, smooth feeling cruiser longboard. We don’t recommend any other setups on it. Smaller wheels would be a waste of such closely optimized wheel cutouts and potentially too low, and anything larger will bite. But you put it together like this and you have a ride that is going to be hard to get off of. And that’s the whole point. The Pranayama is really centered around pure ease of push. We expect it to be popular for ultra long distances, beginner skateboarders, skaters just looking for a super chill cruise, and people looking to use a skateboard for exercise.

Setup Advice

The Pranayama is truly optimized on Paris 149mm trucks and your choice of any color and durometer (softness) of either the 85mm Seismic Speed Vents OR the 85mm Orangatang Caguama wheels. Paris are notoriously high TKP trucks, so if you want a lower setup, you can try a classic Independent 149mm as well, but really, we love the turn on Paris so much that if wanted it to be lower, we would just pick a slightly smaller wheels like the Orangatang 80mm Kegel or the new 80.5mm Seismic Alpha, or put a little drop through riser on the board. We do feel, though, that most will appreciate the stock height and feel of the suggested setups. It is unlikely that it can get any better, but we will pay attention to reviews and our own experiences and modify this section if necessary.


Length – 31.375 inches
Wheelbase – 26 inches
Width – 9.25 inches
Drop – 1.3 inch crescent
Profile – Slight Mustache Camber/Rocker
Construction – 9 ply maple

DESIGNED AROUND TRADITIONAL STREET TRUCKS ONLY! Don’t MAKE ME come after you for setting this up wrong!

Thanks for checking us out at Pantheon Longboards!

12 reviews for Pantheon Pranayama – Perfect, Low Cruiser Longboard

  1. M (verified owner)

    Amazing, the perfect commute. Rides smooth like butter.

    • Jeff V.

      Woohoo! Thanks for our first Pranayama review 🙂 Stoked you’re happy with your purchase, and yes, we agree completely. BUTTERY

  2. Dustin Parry (verified owner)

    First Pantheon board and I love it. Sooo smooth and definitely fast. A bit faster than I’m used to but so easy to ride.

  3. Justin (verified owner)

    Amazing board I loved every moment I was on it and it led me to commit to skating as hobby more than I ever have. also phenomenal service. I’m in awe at how much Jeff cares for his customers. It’s very rare to find this kind of service thank you again pantheon longboards.

  4. Michael Howell (verified owner)

    This board was worth the wait! It came perfectly set up. Jeff is THE Pantheon guru! It’s buttery smooth ride is true and fast. It was dark when it got here from fedex but there was no way I was waiting til morning to go! Easily the best longboard pusher I’ve ever ridden. Jeff you killed it with this board! Thank you Pantheon!

  5. Michael Melo (verified owner)

    I am essentially a new rider; I haven’t been a skateboard since I was a child (though I have snowboarded as an adult). I’m 46 and a fan of most types of human-powered transportation. An avid mountain biker, bicycle commuter etc. I have had Pantheon on my radar for a long time but having many other sports and activities I take part in I just wasn’t sure how they would fit into my lifestyle. What initially drew me to Pantheon was their commuter concept and the possibility of using one in my daily travels around town. I dismissed them for a long time for a few reasons I don’t live in a flat part of the world, our terrain is anything but smooth and how would I carry anything? Fast forward to a few weeks ago, I finally scratched the curiosity itch and purchased the Pranayama. First impressions were; wow this thing has MASSIVE wheels I’ve never seen a skateboard like it. It’s beautiful, smooth, curvy and feels like a precision-made product. Despite appearances, I still figured I would relegate this to the ski closet as a once in awhile sports gear item. Then I took my first kick out our driveway and glided for what seemed like forever, this on a slight but never the less uphill! I looked back in disbelief at my son who was giggling at what must have been my stunned facial expression. I am hooked. Many kicks later I have now used the Pranayama on multiple rides within a 2-3km radius of my house. Trips to the hardware store, doctor’s office and grocery store. I’m learning how to foot brake and am now comfortable getting in and out of parking lots riding over sidewalk transitions and with the help of sliding glove taking tighter corners at some speed. The giant wheels glide over rough terrain and up and over obstacles easily and the super low and narrow deck makes kicking comfortable and efficient. Not only is this board entirely practical as a commuting device, but it’s also a ridiculously fun way of getting around town and opens up another awesome way to adventure in the city. If you are like me and on the fence about the practicality of this board for commuting and therefore wonder how you would find time to ride it, I can wholeheartedly recommend you take the plunge. I have fallen hard for this board so much so I’ll be grabbing a Trip to see what this RKP thing is all about and an Ember for my son shortly.

  6. Dillon Alexander Kettle

    When can I order a pranayama longboard complete??

    • Jeff V.

      We are working on getting them back in stock! They were super popular and sold out faster than we expected!

  7. Dennis Garza (verified owner)

    This board is just too amazing. Perfect for the long cruise. I love it. Worth the wait and glad to be the first wave to get the new stock.

  8. Ben (verified owner)

    An absolutely amazingly designed product. The precision of this board is undeniable and the feel is ultra premium. You are totally locked into it so it makes doing things on a different board much more precise and effortless. Another thing I love is that I can give it to my kids and they have no problem getting on and riding since it is so low to the ground you feel much more comfortable. Owning this board for me has been like finding the right guitar. You start to feel like it’s an extension of your body.

  9. Nick (verified owner)

    This board is an actual Lambo.

    I’m used to putting some modest distance on a 22″ Penny board (up to 25 miles), but the Pranayama completely redefines the sport for me. I’m just getting into long distance pushing, and I know I need a board that’s actually intended for that purpose. I ended up picking the Pranayama out of the other Pantheon decks because A, it was the lowest one, and B, it just seemed so thoughtfully designed.
    Upon arrival, this board really feels perfect for me. I’m a lighter rider (~135 lbs), and I feel like I can really take advantage of the super low ride without any concern for bottoming out no matter where i stand on the deck (no doubt the 9 ply will be fine for heavier riders).
    I like how this deck was designed for such big wheels, you can really build and maintain speed. On my first test ride, I accidentally sailed around half my neighborhood after just one series of big pushes.
    Overall, this board really feels highly tuned and optimized. I have the trucks slightly tighter on this board than I usually go for, I can just barely make a 180 in a two-lane street at low speed. The ludicrous stability is worth it, though, especially since I like to switch stances while riding. It’s fast, it’s stable, and it can still make some twitchy turns when you need it to.
    I look forward to putting many, many miles on this one.

  10. Bryan Rodriguez

    I was directed to Pantheon as soon as I got into the longboarding community. There was so much hype to me about this brand and the boards they produce due to their quality and how great they feel when you ride. When I received this board, it completely lived up to the hype that was built around it. Rides super smooth, very nimble and responds well. I decided to go with the Blue Caguamas and it feels like I’m riding on a cloud. Can’t recommend the Pranayama enough to any beginner looking to get into LDP, and I’m already looking forward to my next Pantheon purchase!

  11. Vuong (verified owner)

    I’m a 40 year old beginner, and the Pranayama is my favorite board out of the three I own. It’s my first Pantheon board, and it does what I hoped it would do…allow me to coast for longer after a series of pushes.

    The deck itself is nice, stiff, and low. I LOVE the artwork, and I even love the name “Pranayama” (I’m a big believer in breath work and meditation). One of my favorite parts of the deck is if you have large wheels, the wheels will be the first thing to hit an obstacle no matter what angle, even straight on. I got mine with Caguamas and they don’t bite at all, but I’m also fairly light at 132 lbs. The blue 77a Caguamas are amazing. I took them off and tried them on my other boards, and they become so much more fun to cruise on. They keep momentum better than my 70mm wheels and soak up a good chunk of road vibration.

    I read A LOT of reviews on reddit between the Trip, Prana, and Ember before I made my decision. I’m happy with my decision to go for the Prana based on other reviews, but I do miss the stability and feel of RKP’s. I do have small hills here and there, and the speed wobbles seem to happen faster, and are scarier than my RKP boards.

    I also noticed a very slight warp on my deck after about 20 hours of regular skating (cruising and carving), but the deck feels fine for the most part. Now that I have experienced the Prana, and TKP’s for the first time, I realize I am in the very small majority of people who prefers RKP’s to TKP’s. There’s a different kind of feel to RKP’s that I miss. I do believe I will be getting a Trip in the future to have the RKP feel again, to have a little more of the flex that I miss, and because there’ll be some fiberglass layers to hopefully make it more warp resistant. But despite everything I just said, the I still immensely enjoy riding my Prana.

    I found Pantheon because of some of Jeff’s blogs, and after reading, I was just looking for a reason to buy a board to support this company. After reading so many reviews on the internet and finally experiencing the Prana, I’m glad I did.

  12. Carlos M. (verified owner)

    I purchased a Pranayama about six months after I started skating. My first board was an Ember, bought mainly on a whim to get around my college campus. It hooked me immediately. I had no idea that a skateboard could be such a fast, smooth, and effortless way to get around – and carving down hills on those Paris Street Trucks was (and still is) intoxicating. After a couple of more substantial long-distance adventures, however, I found myself wanting something with a bit more foot space and a lower platform, purely optimized for pushing.

    I chose a Pranayama over a Trip, despite already owning a Pantheon pusher on Paris Street Trucks (Ember). My reasons were: 1) the Pranayama is slightly lower; 2) the overall tightness of the design due to the axle placement of the TKP’s; 3) I just love the soul carve vibes of the street trucks. There’s something amazing about the way you can one-foot carve back and forth down the street, pushing full speed, with complete stability and confidence – and when it comes to the long, smooth, mellow downhills that you encounter on bike paths and LDP trips, they’re incredibly loose, responsive, and freeing. You really feel like you’re surfing the concrete wave.

    My first real ride on the Prana was a 40 mile LDP on an excellent Washington bike path near Seattle. I had skated this trail before on my Ember, the same distance, and was curious to see whether I could shave down my time. Without feeling like I put in that much more effort – I was holding a conversation with my friend for much of the trip – I dropped almost thirty minutes from my 40 mile time, down to 3:49. I am by no means a competitive LDP skater (I skate downhill far more often), but this board makes me feel like one. The Pranayama is without question the most precisely optimized and thoughtfully designed, purpose-built double drop that I’ve had the pleasure of riding. If you’re considering this board for cruising, commuting, exercise, skate-packing, or competitive long distance skating (and you want a pure push setup), I guarantee you will fall in love with it.

    P.S. – If you plan to take this (or really any other board) long distance, do yourself a favor and pair it with some Defcon Speed Vents. Caguamas are comfy and fast, but Defcon Vents might as well be cheating.

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