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“B-Grade” 2020 Pantheon Trip – Fiberglass Double Drop Distance Longboard

$150.00 $100.00

4.96 (28 reviews)

Length: 33″
Width: 9.25″
WB: 27.25″

Out of stock


“B-Grade” Pantheon Trip Deck

For a short period of time, we are offering out factory 2nd “B-Grade” Trip decks for sale, until they run out. We do have decks in production and currently, we expect our order to be done around the end of August or beginning of September, at which point we will offer them back up for preorder while they are shipping here. It will likely take about 30 further days to get them here in stock and ready to ship out the door. If you are looking for a sweet ride and can’t stand the wait, I believe these “B-grades” will offer a ton of bang for the buck and riders will be super stoked on them. I am riding one myself, and I believe the ride quality is 100% despite a small visual blemish.

Now to the specifics. These “B-Grade” decks are discounted because the top ply split open during the pressing process. This is not the weirdest thing in the world to happen during a wood bend as significant as the one we have made in this board, and because every piece of wood is different, some of the plies reacted to that wood bend differently than the vast majority, which usually make the bend without issue. The crack is visible in the outer ply only. Per the geometry, this is the ply that gets the most intense bend and therefore is the most susceptible to cracking. We expect these boards to perform very well. The split happened during the pressing process, which means the resin material that is placed between the plies for lamination seeped through the crack and filled the gap. Because resin is harder than wood, and because the wood is cracked ALONG THE GRAIN as opposed to across it, we do not expect this to cause any structural issues. Furthermore, there is fiberglass under this outer layer of wood, and it is highly unlikely that you will experience any further cracking due to “momentum” of a crack going into the next ply. It is most likely that you will have 100% of the ride experience with these as you would with any board and that this is just a visual blemish, but we cannot guarantee that these boards will last any better or worse than our typical “A-Grade” decks.

Take a look at the pictures. Your deck will look approximately like this. We picked one of the worst ones we could find, so the gap won’t be any bigger than the one on this board.

Pantheon Trip – Low Riding Double Drop Longboard for Distance Skateboarding

The Pantheon Trip is one of the most popular distance skateboards on the planet, and for good reason! Read on to find out more about our premier double drop longboard, but let’s cover the small bases first: We have a small number of Trip B-Grade Decks here in stock. They are all essentially the same in terms of their “issue.” When they were pressed, the top ply (grip side) cracked in the neck along the grain. This is important to note, because the grain is still intact, meaning that it is still providing strength along the length of the deck. When the crack formed, the gap was filled with epoxy, and epoxy is stronger than wood, and there’s fiberglass on the next layer down, so my expectation is that you are going to feel like you got a steal if you get one of these boards, because it’s a sweet deal for a visual blemish, but I don’t expect that blemish to affect the longevity of the deck whatsoever. We will list our B-Grade Trips on the evening of Friday, July 10, and at the end of the month, when our next stock of 149mm street trucks comes in, we will release the last batch of B-grade decks.

Currently, we have more decks of all of our models due sometime around the end of August or very beginning of September. Our goal is to get them shipping ASAP after the order is done, and we will list our boards for pre-sale again once they are en route. They will be approximately 25 days out once they are finished, and we will ship them out as quickly as possible in the order that they were received. Thanks for your patience this year. Production has been crazy with all the COVID stuff happening, and very thankfully, it seems that the whole world is stoked on Pantheon and we are just trying to keep up!

The Trip

The Trip is back as our most popular long distance skateboard to date. It has been revamped with a new 7-ply maple plus 2x triaxial fiberglass construction for longer lasting performance, warp-proof platform and lighter weight construction. This is a small, light, and agile double drop longboard, and it is Pantheon’s specialty. With our proprietary Crescent Drop, The Trip may be one of the most recommended longboards in the world for commuting and distance travel. Our goal with the Trip is to create the highest quality ride possible, extending the value far beyond its price. We optimize the ride by designing around the finest components and combine utilitarian, cost-effective construction methods with perfect attention to detail. If you’re just starting out, the Trip is our best longboard for beginners, being so low and easy to ride. And it is an integral component to your longboard quiver as a distance skateboard or for using a longboard for fitness and utilitarian travel.

The Trip stays an active part of your longboard quiver as a dedicated distance skateboard. It is more than just a first skateboard. As your quiver grows, this board stays with you and gets ridden daily as an efficient double drop distance and commuter longboard. We only offer the finest components here on our website because we care about your ride experience. That perfect experience is undoubtedly a large part of why people fall in love with Pantheon Longboards.

What’s New on Our Updated Trip Longboard

· Deep Drop! – This double drop longboard pusher has a 1.3 inch drop! This gets you lower than ever for easier distance pushing and longboard commuting
· More Flex! – We increased the flex by changing the curves. More flex + stronger layup = stronger board without losing liveliness.
· Better Lamination! – Mold improvements and epoxy lamination make this distance longboard deck more durable than ever.
· Fiberglass! – A maple / fiberglass construction makes the 2020 Trip more durable and warp-resistant than ever!
· Aesthetic Improvements – Stained wood veneer and laser cut griptape really make the Trip pop on the street 

The Utilitarian Double Drop for Distance Riding

The Trip is the premier double drop longboard for distance, whether longboard commuting to work or traveling long distances. And it is easily our best longboard for beginners. We tend to suggest the Trip for true distance riding and then point toward the Ember as a mini cruiser commuter longboard. Either double drop longboard will serve as a proper distance skateboard, though the Trip’s fiberglass construction will undoubtedly out-last the Ember in terms of longevity. Both are low to the ground, lightweight, and easy to push.  Both are supportive of large wheels with thin trucks. And both are pretty darn small! These characteristics are really our mantra for the purpose of commuter and distance skateboarding. Include the parts that matter, and do it in the best way possible, and that’s it!

Lastly, consider purchasing this awesome double drop longboard deck with our Free Hands Fingerless Slide Gloves. We made these gloves specifically for distance skating and urban commuting, when you might want your fingers handy to take a picture of that gorgeous mountain or elk crossing the bike path, or to send your loved ones a text letting them know you’ll be home for dinner. These are a utilitarian glove, fully aligned with our design mantra, that allow you to throw down a hand if things get hectic, but otherwise will stay out of your way.

The BEST Longboard for Beginners

The Trip may be the best longboard for beginners on the market, and it comes highly recommended. The 1.3-inch drop get you so low to the ground, it will inspire confidence, and it will improve push speed and efficiency for all who skate it. Our premier double drop longboard is pressed with resin to further preserve the wood and increase its life when compared with classic builds pressed with standard wood glue. Concave remains low, and we gave the platform the tiniest bit of camber to “load” the wood. This provides a comfortable and more lively commute. We increased the width by 1/4″ from previous models to 9.25″ at the widest to perfect the setups we are recommending for the deck. The wider profile and increased prominence of the drop platform lock you in and really make this deck perform when sliding down hills and turning around corners.

We are riding this board with Paris 150mm trucks and 85mm Seismic Speed Vents. We keep the setup slim for ergonomics, keeping the feet and hips aligned under the body when pushing. This way you can spend more of your time on board being centered and focusing on power and control. It is important to note that no other double drop longboard on the planet has been designed this way. This is ideal for distance skating, because the less energy you’re spending on your balance, the more energy you have to travel. And beginner longboarders will benefit from not kicking the wheels and smashing face. More distance and commuting efficiency makes for more fun, and that’s the whole point of this deck. We want you to feel empowered to get places on your skateboard. You will ride more often. It is our goal to inspire you to ride your Pantheon Longboard whenever possible.

Some riders will inevitably be less bothered by the width of the overall setup and more into a softer and more grippy ride. For riders with this preference, we offer the new V3 Paris 165mm RKP trucks, which can be paired with 85mm Orangatang Caguamas to run bite free! This is a killer setup, too, with a softer and more plush ride at the expense of a slightly wider setup.

If you are a beginner skateboarder, extra note of this section. Wheelbite is more frequent among those who don’t understand it.  Make sure you get your double drop longboard setup right! Many salespeople will simply recommend the easy setup with 180mm trucks and 70mm wheels. This is fine, and you still get a ton of benefits from the design of the board. But it is not optimized for true distance skating and beginner longboarders will be more likely to kick the wheels!

We designed this board to fit with a slim overall setup, which is why typically offer it with 150mm RKP trucks. With a Paris 149mm Street Truck, bite is near impossible, and you can even fit wider wheels like the Orangatang Caguama completely bite-free, but setting a Trip up with TKP trucks stretches out the wheelbase and lengthens the lever/increases leverage over the neck. While we do not recommend this setup (check our the Pranayama!), it may work for some people. Set your deck up with care, knowing the benefits and risks of your assembly. With the 150mm RKP trucks, bite will just barely be possible with an 85mm Seismic Speed Vent. This happens only at the VERY end of the turn, and for us, has never been an issue while riding. You will slide out before biting if you are going any decent speed. Where riders may face issues, and this is just something to be aware of (and ride accordingly), is when you are riding at very slow speeds and try to take a full-lean turn. This is where you can snag a wheel. You can do one of two things here:

First, you can adjust your bushings. I don’t think anyone of any weight can make Orangatang (Yellow) Hard Nipple bushings bite with Paris 150mm and 85mm Speed Vents. If you opt for the softer bushings, do so according to your weight, ride style, and tolerance for wheel bite.

Secondly, you can just pay attention to how you ride your board, and know that bite is possible at the very end of the turn at very low speeds. At higher speeds, you will literally slide out before this would ever happen. Understand the limitations and ride accordingly! Is it worth it for the thin overall setup? HELL YES IT IS. Your push will be more ergonomic and you will understand the benefit of this from the moment you step on your deck.

Lastly, we are now offering this board with 165mm Paris V3 RKPs as well. This makes for a completely bite free setup, and while we feel that the board is truly optimized with 150mm trucks for a perfectly slim setup, wheelbite tolerance is rider-specific, and we are stoked to offer a setup that can pair nicely with either 85mm Caguama wheels or 85mm Speed Vents with zero risk for wheelbite.

If you are looking for bushing suggestions, we highly recommend Orangantang Nipples and Riptide Canons. Both are slightly oversized bushings that will restrict just that last bit of truck lean, making wheelbite impossible. We also space out the trucks with both speed washers on the inside, which gives you just a touch of extra room. This extra space actually makes a substantial difference! If you are a beginner skateboarder, take extra note of this section. Wheelbite is more frequent among those who don’t understand it.  Make sure you get your double drop longboard setup right! Many salespeople will simply recommend the easy setup with 180mm trucks and 70mm wheels. This is fine, and you still get a ton of benefits from the design. But it is not optimized for true distance skating and beginner longboarders will be more likely to kick the wheels!

28 reviews for “B-Grade” 2020 Pantheon Trip – Fiberglass Double Drop Distance Longboard

  1. Geoff Simpson

    I’m 6ft 4 inches and about 200 pounds and wanted a shorter, lighter low pusher. The 8 ply Trip suits me perfectly. It takes my weight no problem and although short, doesn’t feel it as the standing platform is still really roomy. Love the design too. Couldn’t be happier with it.

  2. Tanner

    Got the red version as my first board and couldn’t be happier. Very compact deck but has more than enough room for my feet. Paired with some 150mm trucks and it can take any campus corner.

  3. Cruiser

    Good low boards for cruising the city.

  4. Lady

    For my 155 pounds the 7 Trip is perfect. My friend have both Trips and is 165 pounds. With TKP trucks it has more flex than with RKP trucks.

  5. Seth

    I’ve had a 2018 Trip for a couple weeks now. Awesome…..just awesome. If you are looking for a true long distance push board, this is it! Great construction and performance for the money. Thanks Jeff and keep up the good work!

  6. Hesham Salman (verified owner)

    I’ve owned a lot of boards. I’ve had arbors, landyachtz, Loadeds, and more.

    There’s something special about this board. Its ride is butter-smooth. It’s easy to push and brake because of its height. The stock equipment is high quality. It’s lightweight, and has a large amount of usable room relative to its size. It’s comfortable. It’s fast.

    I got this board to commute the distance between Hells Kitchen and Wall St. It does that very well — much better than my Loaded Bhangra. I’ve taken it carving and downhill. It’s frankly my favorite board for its utility, weight, size, ride, and ease of use.

    I’m thrilled with it, and I’m sure you will be too.

  7. Peter J.

    I LOVE the Trip. I’ve been riding one for over a year now and it is by far my favorite push board. I’m a bigger guy, and this thing has just the right amount of flex, length, and width. I do mostly mountain pushing, so lots of ups with lots of downs, and this deck is perfect! When I get another deck, it will most likely just be another Trip, unless Pantheon comes out with something even better (doubt it, but it could happen). Love, love, love this board!!

  8. Jason Goldberg

    I have been riding for 40 years and this Trip is one awesome deck, I’ve been riding it for 4 months now, and at 230 lbs, this deck shows now signs of fatigue, it’s snappy, light and muy guapo, I have the red model and have given it to my daughter to ride, she digs it, Paris trucks, seismic wheels

  9. Blake Hendricks (verified owner)

    The trip is very easy and comfortable to push. Its really helped me learn regular and mongo to go the distance, plus you can never go wrong with Otang and Paris parts

  10. Sam A

    I’ve found the trip to be the perfect all around LDP board because of it’s stiffer construction over the Ember. I have no problem pushing long distances with the double drop setup and with it’s stiffer construction I can still have fun slashing around when I’m cruising through my neighborhood. It is a little hefty in comparison to my friends ember, but the sacrifice for a more comfortable slide is worth it.

    I’d highly recommend this deck to someone looking to focus on LDP, but might dabble in some light freeride or even parking garages.

  11. Yener Uslucan

    I was really curious about the deck that every long distance pusher raves about. Ordered one and YES this board is THE push board to get. Beginning with the beautiful meaningful graphic this board is a screamer! I had so many people asking me what board this is because it just looks so awesome. Besides the great looks this board is also highly comfortable because of the double drop and the 33″ lenght its also a great commuter , you can fit it under your desk or just anywhere with a little gap 🙂 i highly recommend this board with the 150mm paris trucks and 85mm speedvents. Thanks for this awesome board.

  12. Sophie

    This board is pure butter. The roads and sidewalks where I live are pretty rough (lots of cracks from hot temps) but the Trip makes my commute a breeze. Get the recommended set-up and you won’t regret it! I’ve got the 8-ply and at 130 lb I wasn’t expecting a lot of flex but it’s got a surprisingly comfy amount of flex for me. Every second I spend on this board feels so fun and natural. If you’re hesitating at all on buying this, take this review as the signal for you to do it. Pushing the Trip down a smooth, open road is a feeling like no other.

  13. Dylan

    (7ply red trip, 150mm paris rkp, 78mm mango blast waves) The Trip is the perfect board for pushing. Im 180lbs and the 7 ply handles my weight just fine. I’d recommend to anyone 170+ lbs to get the biggest wheels you can to really make sure you don’t bottom out on hard carves. The flex is super comfortable and just makes riding the board feel great. Carving is very satisfying, and pushing is springy and easy with the low clearance. Ive even thrown on some liams and taken this thing freeriding. The low weight and double drop make it so easy to throw out steezy slides.

  14. Marika

    I can’t say enough good things about this board!

    I’ve got the OG, first-gen 7-ply red Trip; my typical setup for it is Indy 159mm trucks and purple Orangatang Durians. I know, this seems like an unconventional setup, but it is my perfect pusher. The 159s get me low to the ground–always a top priority for me, having come to longboarding from snowboarding. They also work perfectly with the Durians–flipped so the core is to the outside–to ensure that the trucks & wheels are exactly the same width as the Trip, so I’m never accidentally kicking the wheels on long distance push sessions.

    Now, onto the board itself. The concave is absolutely perfect for a pusher–there’s not much of it, and that’s just what you need. My feet have always felt super comfy on long treks, as my feet are not forced to curl uncomfortably into some more intense concave. (This is extremely mild concave, the Trip is a pusher, not a freeride machine–and that’s the way I like it!) The width and length are both just enough–enough for comfort and security, and nothing extra weighing you down. The weight of the board itself is also nice and light–again, making for less work as you push. I weigh between 160-170lbs, and I really enjoy the flex of this deck. It’s a great little pocket of mild bounce that helps soften each push of a long journey. As I’ve heard Jeff say in the past, the flex will force your ankles to strengthen up, and your balance will improve as well–in my book, these are all good things.

    I’m sad to report that, after literally thousands of miles with this board, the neck snapped off when I rolled over a particularly large crack in the pavement. I’ve searched for a replacement deck, but so far, none has served me quite as well as my Trip has. I hope to either repair my original Trip with a bracket or else invest in a newer version of the Trip soon!

  15. Nathan (verified owner)

    Loving my 2018 Trip with the clear blue Speed Vents! I’m still pretty new to longboarding, but I’ve already somehow built a small quiver, and the Trip is definitely the favorite. This drop through and drop platform keeps it really low to the ground and making it very confidence inspiring.
    I’ve since upgraded the stock Paris bushings to RipTide Krank Fatcone boardside, and Canon roadside. This has made me love this setup even more, as it is now basically dialed in to how I like to ride. Looking forward to racking up the miles on this board!

  16. Omar

    I’ve had this board for a few months now. Before this I had the ember and it worked great but since it broke I wanted to try a new board. So far the trip has been holding up well but there is a crack on the tail/ nose. This is most likely due to the rough roads and sidewalks that I skate on. If I were to chose this or the ember I’d prefer the ember. Not to say this is a bad board but I prefer the nimbleness of the ember. I have it set up with Paris rkps with otang nipples and seismic 85 mm mango speed vents. It does the job for commuting and it does it well.

  17. Daniel (verified owner)

    The Trip is an awesome board and I can’t say enough good things about it in the short time I’ve had it. My main purpose for buying this deck was LDPush which it excels at because of the low ride height and enormous wheel size. It’s super easy to foot brake while pushing mongo or regular, something I haven’t had the confidence to do on any other board. I’ve already skated further than I ever had before on my old setup because you just don’t get tired while pushing this board, the wheels roll forever at speed, and there isn’t too much flex in the deck to slow you down like how Bamboo does. The deck’s size is perfect, you have a surprising amount of foot space for sliding, skogging, and tucking but is still very portable coming in at only a few inches longer than my mini-cruiser.

    For reference I am 5’10” and weigh 160 LBS and I went with the 9-ply based on Pantheon’s recommendation, I’m also using the stock setup (Paris RKP’s and 78.5 Mango Vents). This is great for pushing, cruising, carving, and slashing around. I was a little surprised that the 9-ply has some flex while cruising which is great for dampening road vibrations but with your feet spread out near the drops it stiffens up and is very stable at speed. I’m loving the concave because it is really mild which feels great underfoot. Slides feel almost effortless on this board too because you can lock your feet in by pushing them against the drops. There are a lot of paved bike paths with hills in my area so whenever I need to slow down I have no problem doing stand up or glove down slides. I was a little worried about this since the grip tape isn’t extra coarse and I didn’t want my feet moving around on the deck during slides and downhill but so far the drops have kept my feet locked in place. The grip tape works well for cruising too because you are able to move your feet around easily without tearing up the bottom of your shoes. To top it off, the artwork on the Trip is a nice design and visually pleasing. I would highly recommend this board for beginners because of how easy it is to ride, for commuters because it is nimble and portable, and for anyone trying to get into long distance pushing.

  18. Nat (verified owner)

    This is a sweet board! I had been skating stiff downhill longboards and big double kicks. At 6’1″, 180, I went for the 8 ply and set it up with the 85mm Speed Vents and 150mm Paris RKP trucks. This is a nice, flexy board, super smooth. The Speed Vents are buttery. It does not feel very responsive to me, a result of the long wheel base, the double drop, and the fact that I am using medium-soft Venom double barrel bushings to avoid bite. With my hard carving style, bite was a problem with the Paris stock bushings. I followed Jeff’s advice and put two speed rings in the inside of the wheels, which helps. The plus side of this lack of responsiveness is that the board is super stable at speed, and easy to foot-brake. Usually going to foot brake over 15 or 20 mph is scary, but not with this board. The small standing platform takes some getting used to, and with size 13 shoes I need to really watch my foot placement or my feet will rub the wheels or even the ground. All that said, this board has been a revelation; it has a nice flow, is smooth, stable, easy to push and beautiful. It is a real work of craftsmanship.

  19. Geran (verified owner)

    I’ve owned multiple iterations of the Trip, currently riding a 9 ply. Crescent drops put the flex in the right places and get your feet nice and close to your trucks for that good good control. I’ve used several other setups for LDP, but always come back to a Trip

  20. Shawn (verified owner)

    Just got the 9-ply 2019 Trip and it lives up to every good thing I’ve heard my friends say about it. The platform is low for pushing, but comfy for pumping, too. The look is excellent and the smaller size makes it super light and compact. It’s not crowded on the deck, which is impressive.

    I weigh 230 lbs and struggle to find decks that balance the right flex and strength. The Trip is perfect. It is stable and supportive, but gives me back that energy in the big pumps.

    I’m glad I decided to go for this deck at the beginning of summer. It’s going to make some good times.

  21. Scott (verified owner)

    I picked up the Trip on my search for the ultimate low deck pushing and cruising machine. I have several boards that I have tried with decent success, but still felt I was missing something.

    After some communication with Jeff (amazing dude) I picked up one of the Trip 8 ply deck complete with Paris 150 and 85mm speed vents.

    Oh man, THIS is what I have been after. The narrow trucks tucked perfectly into the board, the perfect ride height, my foot braking is effortless now. I have some smooth low grade hills in my area, and I was shocked how smooth it is rolling and turning, and then pushing… the flex is perfect. I would buy this board over and over. I may pick up another deck or 2, to have on hand as I would be lost without this deck. I can safely sell off my other boards (and make room for some other pantheon rides)

  22. Cory Brown (verified owner)

    I’ve owned both the Trip and the Ember. They are both fantastic boards. My opinion between the two, is that the Trip is the more beginner friendly of the two. You will appreciate the stability it offers over the more lively Ember. They both are so low down and amazing to push and carve for hours. While very similar in size, under foot, the Trip feels noticeably roomier, which is appreciated on longer distance rides. I feel more confident on the trip once fatigue sets in toward the end of a long ride simply due to the larger deck and inherent stability of RKP trucks. My vote is if you’re newer to skating or plan on doing some long distance, pick the Trip! I personally prefer the TKP feel of the Ember, but that’s just me, the Trip is what comes off the rack if I wanna go fast and long!

  23. Mikhail Kirillov

    Owing & riding both the 8-ply Trip and the Ember since April this year. Really happy that I have a chance to ride both, since they’re both cool and pretty different.
    The Trip is my default commuting and travelling board. Thanks to it, the time I spend on a board has increased by multiple times.
    I live in a mid-sized city in the Russian North-West, so weather conditions during the season vary from about zero celsius to rainy and gloomy to really hot & humid, and road conditions – from perfect new sidewalks to awful old asphalt. The Trip handles everything beautifully. It rolls over everything, I don’t even notice dropping off curbs, I can get up small curbs with some unweighting, it is even OK with a couple of meters of dirt roard if it occurs on my way. The 85mm Mango Speedvents are pretty grippy (noticeably grippier than e.g. 80a Caguamas) and slide out unexpectedly only maybe on some sand or wet road – but that’s not exactly unexpected, OK. At the same time they do allow to throw a speedcheck slide even to a non-experienced rider like me. The bearings Pantheon equips the boards with are of good quality and pretty fast, giving up to moisture, sand & dust by the end on the season only slightly. The deck itself is very comfortable and gives a lot of confidence when riding. The drop provides a nice reference to the feet, the slight concave holds well enough without getting in the way, the griptape grips 🙂 and has a nice minimalistic design. The graphics of the deck look better in real life than on pictures, and the pictures are pretty awesome already! The width is perfect for my US 10 size feet. I weigh 70 kilos and my particular 8-ply is a bit stiff to me (my friend has another 8-ply Trip and it’s softer, might be just weared with time. Love the softer feeling). Oh, and needless to say the incredibly low ride height allows for effortless push and footbreak, encouraging you learning to ride switch as well.
    I ride Paris 150 RKP with Orangatang Nipples, and I experimented a bit with stiffness of those bushings. After some time and some experience gained all combinations seemed fine to me for pushing and carving, though in the beginning the soft orange ones seemed unstable. In the end, the factors that drove my decisions for the setup were pumpability, shock absorption and one-leg steering. All three Nipple flavors turn nicely under my weight during e.g. normal carving, but differ noticeably when trying to turn on one leg in tight turns or human traffic. Using hard yellow ones it was too difficult for me. As for difference in shock absorption, it’s enormous! I simply can’t roll over the worst asphalt I have on yellows, have a hard time there on purples, and don’t notice anything’s wrong on oranges. The last but not the least is pumping. I love pumping and use it a lot with every board I have. Longboard theory says the lower the board the worse the pump. For some reason (the bushings? the flex? some pantheon magic?) the Trip pumps much better than it should. It’s not a dedicated pump board for sure, but right now I usually don’t push on flat on the Trip, pumping is good enough. Regarding the bushings it’s pretty simple – harder ones require more effort when pumping, but give more speed in the end; softer ones make starting the pump easier (you can start from full stop), but don’t let you reach decent speed; the purple mediums turned out the best balanced option for me. Asymmetrical setups are worth trying as well (e.g. medium front, hard back), but for my weight medium both ends worked better.
    A also have to mention the washers, as it’s common to forget what a huge difference they can make. I went for cupped washers (the stock ones from the Paris truck) boardside, as they provide much more rebound while pumping, while also limiting the end of the turn which makes them one of the tools to fight wheelbite. That said, while I can make the wheels touch the board while standing with every Trip setup I tried, I could make it while moving only on soft orange Nipples – another reason for me to probably avoid them 🙂 No bite with puple mediums no matter how hard I carve or pump.
    So, if I wouldn’t pump, I’d go for oranges for a plush ride. If I only rode perfect asphalt with no human traffic and needed more speed and stability, yellows would be cool. For a generic city ride, purples are an excellent all-around solution.
    One final thing on the setup that I made is put some DIY rubber pads between the board and the trucks – not too thick, I didn’t want the board to get lower, but it helped with shock absorption a bit and also doesn’t let the dreadful “Paris” lettering on the trucks dig that deep into the plywood of the deck.
    As a conclusion, I would easily recommend the Pantheon Trip to anyone who wants to start longboarding, to commute on a longboard, to go on long distance trips or simply looking for a comfortable, forgiving and pleasant ride. You won’t find anything better for these tasks for this price – or any other price, I guess. Even if your surroundings don’t look inviting for a typical 70mm wheeled longboard, give the Trip a try 🙂
    Redarding Trip vs Ember I’d agree with the others – if you’re a begginer, go for the Trip. If you’re not, you know better yourself, much is written about it 🙂
    P.S. Customer support is prompt and personal. The Pantheon guys are a pleasure to deal with!

  24. Scott Ziegler (verified owner)

    The trip was a game changer for me. Right out the box I felt super confident on it and ever additional use I’m getting more and more locked in. I’ve only been able to take it out a few times in the Miami summer heat so far, but I feel like I’m covering twice the distance using half the energy. Next stop 100 miles at Miami Ultraskate.

  25. Oliver (verified owner)

    (9 ply trip, 165mm Paris V3, Blue Caguamas) What can I say? This is a fantastic board. It’s super solid and almost feels like a magic carpet. I picked this board up as a downtown commuter as my dancing board was a bit tough to maneuver around downtown and it has delivered. Riding this board is an absolute joy, everyone should add this board to their quiver.

  26. Andrew

    I got this board as a Christmas gift and finally got a chance to ride it. Let me start by saying I’m 31 years old, almost 32. I’ve tried riding all different types of skateboards and longboards over the years and never got the hang of it due to balance issues. I recently lost 180lbs and wanted to try skating again. I got on it for the first time this morning and after a few minutes on it I was able to ride like it’s something I’ve always done. The board is so comfortable and stable feeling. It’s got the perfect amount of flex for me and the trucks make it feel nice and carvy even at low speeds. I tightened the trucks a bit but now after a few more rides I think I’ll loosen them back up. I am so excited to have a board that I can ride that feels this good for someone whose never felt comfortable on a board before. Thanks Jeff for creating an amazing board that allows me to finally experience the joys of riding a longboard. You have helped me to achieve a bucket list goal. Can’t wait for my next session.

  27. Ed

    This is without a doubt the most comfortable board I’ve ever ridden.
    I’m 6′ 1, 200 lbs and the nine ply with Paris 150s with split angles and Speed Vents feels just amazing.
    It’s really easy to ride but still manoeuvrable enough to be fun to ride.
    Definitely my new favorite

  28. Eric

    I received my Trip complete today. I’m so happy with it! This is one of those rare occasions that the expectations I had for something based only on photos turned out to be exactly what I wanted. The overall quality of the board, looks, feels, and the size are exactly the size I had imagined. It’s just right. Not too long and not too short that your feet won’t fit comfortably. My only surprise is how amazingly easy the Seismic Speed Vent wheels roll and how fast they are. I haven’t owned a skateboard since Ronald Reagan was in office! Yet, I was immediately able to jump right on and ride. It’s so stable, fast, low, and easy to push. It’s perfect. Thank you again for your patience in helping me choose the right set up.

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