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Wanderlust – Stiff Double Drop Longboard Tank


Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 6 customer ratings
5.0 (6 reviews)

Length – 34″
WB – 27 3/8, 28 1/8″

WanderlustSK (Singlekick)
Length – 37″
WB – 27 3/4″
WanderlustDK (Doublekick)
Length – 40″
WB – 27 3/4″

Construction – 9 ply maple

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The Wanderlust is a deck designed to live up to its name. Whatever lies ahead of you in your path, this deck can take it on. The Wanderlust was built after a family trip to Colorado. We were inspired by the local hills and decided we wanted to bring our love of adventure and hill riding to the lineup, as well as our family to Colorado! This was a pretty awesome move for us on all fronts, and it allowed me, personally, to take on the hills in the middle of my long distance pushes, being significantly lighter and smaller than the Nexus, but still just as low as any of the LDP boards. The wheelbase options on the Wanderlust allow for big wheels and loose trucks, or you can run the deck in a more downhill-worthy setup (this is how I do it) to get the trucks and wheels as close to the platform as possible and regain some of the grip that is typically lost from double drop decks. Is this as grippy as a topmount? Not quite, but it’s close enough that it’s very comfortable at speed, in turns, and sliding. It is a fairly small stance board (based out of the Trip mold). This cuts down on overall weight without giving an inch on stiffness, and it will help you grip corners when needed, due to the smaller wheelbase.

You can run this board with trucks down to 160mm without bite, and that will help its gripping abilities as well. Arsenal 165mm are our favorite cast truck on the deck. Stock Arsenal 165mm will bite a little bit due to the soft bushings, but the deep bushing seat allows for bushing versatility to create a nice stopping point to keep a setup nimble but bite free, and the slimmer setup will help with avoiding kicking the wheel when you get tired on your commute.

Overall, this is a great LDP/commuter board for heavier skaters who don’t want to risk a busting a flexy deck, for skaters who encounter hills or just want a touch more control on their daily rides, or for downhillers and freeriders who want easy access to the ground (sliding a double drop is way easier on the knees for us inflexible types) or just want to switch it up and try out a double drop because it’s fun!

We periodically produce small runs of the single and double-kick versions of this deck. They ride how they look. If you’re an urban rider, you may strongly consider one or two tails. A dedicated/talented rider will be able to ollie either deck. This is a fun board in all its forms.

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Wanderlust Deck

Wanderlust Blue Dip No-Kicks, WanderlustSK (Single Kick), WanderlustSK (Single Kick) Blue Dip, WanderlustDK (Double Kick) Blue Dip, Wanderlust Slight Warp, WanderlustSK (Single Kick) Slight Warp Blue Dip, WanderlustDK (Double Kick) Blue Dip Graphic Blem

6 reviews for Wanderlust – Stiff Double Drop Longboard Tank

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Andre Lai

    I have the Doublekick Wanderlust and it’s truly a marvel of a board. A do everything board that doesn’t limit what you can do with it, but instead makes it easier for you to progress your skating to greater heights.

    How does it do that?

    Well first off it’s a double drop, and that means that it’s very low to the ground.
    Since it’s so low, your knee doesn’t need to bend much when pushing.
    This allows you to have a very easy time pushing even for long distances.

    Have you seen those freeride videos of people doing huge standies? are you looking to do your first slides? Well the lowness really helps you to break traction, and it helped me to get my first standup slides down. It’s so much easier to learn slides on a double drop.

    Are you a beginner looking for a board that is easy to ride? The Lowness inspires confidence and is easy to learn on.

    Have you envied those freestylers with their bigspins, no complys, and tiger claws? well the kicks have a lot of pop and leverage and will let you learn those tricks and more.

    So in summary, you can push longer, freeride easily, downhill faster, and even freestyle! It’s a do-everything shred machine that is perfect for beginners and experienced riders alike, and i’m thankful to Jeff for making it.

    What more could you ask for in a board?

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Matt Farmer (verified owner)

    I bought the Wanderlust DK last fall, and absolutely fell in love with it. This deck is everything I want in a longboard, in one great package. I cannot recommend this board enough.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    *I have the no-kick version*

    This deck seriously does it all. I’ve pushed distance, I’ve hit high speeds, cruised campus, bombed garages, and pumped. I’ve had my wanderlust for two years now, and it’s probably the board I’ve ridden most out of any of the others (though the Pantheon Sacrifice is close behind it!). It’s always on me ready to go – I’ve never had a wheel bite issue with it, even when running a loose set up + Kegels (and this is saying something, I’m around 190lbs).

    The concave is so comfortable. It just locks ya in. Feels great when pushing distance too.

    If you need a board to do it all pick this thing up. You will not be disappointed!

    tl;dr : Durable, multi-disciplined fun machine that does not disappoint.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5


    If you want one board to do it all, this is the board for you.

    Advanced dancing might be a little difficult due to its compact nature and you’ll need some strength to freestyle with it effectively, but if you practice and commit to it, both of these disciplines are feasible on the Wanderlust. However, where this deck really shines is in the downhill, freeride, and pushing disciplines.

    I have used this board for 40mph+ downhill runs, slow, medium, and fast freeride spots, and have an obscene amount of miles on it as a commuter deck. The Wanderlust has been bombproof and confidence inspiring through it all. I’ve tried a lot of similar double drops in my search to find a commuter that is well-suited to and comfortable for my commute (I live in a rather hilly area so my distance riding involves a lot of steep, short-to-medium length hills, so I need a board that can handle high speeds and sliding on crap pavement, while still being comfortable to push 8+ miles at a time. Nothing that I’ve found has been able to match the Wanderlust’s rigidity and planted feeling that inspires confidence at speed, while also having that oh-so-comfortable crescent drop to tuck against and body concave that feels as if it was molded around my feet. The standing platform and wheelbase are just the right length, long enough to skog smoothly and maintain stability at speed with ease, but short enough that there doesn’t feel like there is any wasted space hanging off the back and getting in the way when you need to scoop it up and carry it. I run my Wanderlust on a 50/35 split with old 160mm Randall DH hangars and 78mm Seismic BlastWaves, and after a bit of tinkering with bushings and spacers, I can just barely run it successfully and flush with no bite issues.

    I can’t give this deck, and Pantheon as a company, enough praise. Every deck that I’ve ridden from them feels fully thought-out and born out of a passion for skating and attention to minute detail that other, larger companies struggle to match. Reminds me of how some Earthwing and old Nelson boards I’ve had felt (but updated), they just feel RIGHT under your feet.

    If I have one quarrel with the Wanderlust, it is the weight. Its as light and functional as I feel is possible to get with an exclusively wood layup, but I’m praying that Jeff makes a fiberglass/carbon version that retains the stiffness, torsional rigidity, and delicious concave, but sheds a couple pounds so that I don’t tire out as quickly when I’m pushing up my steep-ass hills.

    The Wanderlust is extremely comfortable and the best all-around board I’ve ever owned if your main disciplines are freeride, downhill, and commuting.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5


    Trying to find a speedstiff deck that is narrow enough to be accommodating for small feet is almost impossible. If you want a narrow speedstiff deck that is also a double drop, there are almost no options. The Wanderlust almost perfectly fits my needs as a freeride deck. (I have the no kicks version). While I wish it was lighter when it came to walking back up the hills, and a little bit more narrow (again, I have small feet), it is leaps and bounds better than all other drop/double drop stiff decks I have tried from other companies. The crescent drop on this deck is absolutely amazing and locks you in even better than the drop on the 2018 Trip, which is nice since I use the Wanderlust for freeride. The concave is consistent all the way down the length of the deck, rather than having spots near the drop where the concave goes flat like other companies have that can’t bend the wood to put concave there. This is great because you aren’t limited at all in your foot placement and can truly do whatever feels comfortable to you. The drop is also compact and doesn’t waste room, so the total length of the board is rather short, but the effective standing platform remains large. I have it setup with Paris 180 trucks, and have put Kegels (largest wheel I have available) on it with no bite issues. If you want a deck that can go fast but also be a great commuter because it’s so low and comfortable, I recommend the Wanderlust with no reservations.

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    Marika (verified owner)

    After snapping the neck of my Trip, I decided to try something new and picked up the SK Wanderlust. I was looking for a replacement pusher, and thought maybe I could also use this as more of an all-arounder. My thought process was that since it’s stiffer and has a touch more concave than the Trip, it’d be great for sliding and mild downhill. Plus, having at least one kicktail would allow for a little bit of freestyle trickery, if I ever felt so inclined.

    Well–my assumptions proved to be correct! I love this board nearly as much as I love my Trip. (FWIW, my go-to Wanderlust set up is with Indy 169mm trucks and Remember Collective Hoots, though sometimes I change up the wheels if I’m taking her out for a distance ride.) It’s definitely a Swiss army knife of a board, in that it absolutely can handle anything you can throw at it. It’s a comfortable pusher, as it’s super low and doesn’t have an insane amount of concave. Like the Trip, the dimensions feel perfectly balanced–not too little, not too much. There’s no extra fat, making it great for pushing, but you still feel comfortable and secure if you want to get into some sliding and hills. The stiffness and concave help get you through any freeride-y stuff you might wanna do (I threw some coarser, Blood Orange grip onto the board to get a little more grip out of it for stand-up slides). The kicktail is also super comfortable–perfect length and width (again, not too little, not too much), and even has a little bit of pocket to it, allowing you to dig your toes in for extra leverage. It’s great for the occasional No Comply or Tiger Claw or whatever other trick you want to try during those flatland freestyle sessions. Being such a great all-arounder, I would absolutely recommend this to newcomers who aren’t sure where to start with this sport. The Wanderlust is a versatile deck that will truly open your mind to all the possibilities in longboarding and excel at whatever you throw at it!

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