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Reddit User Testing Pantheon Ember For Wheelbase

Reddit LOVES Pantheon Longboards

Reddit is killing it for Pantheon

First thing I want to say to Reddit users is, thank you. Your love for Pantheon shows, and we appreciate it. You are the hero. We are creating this blog as a holding space for some awesome reviews and posts from Reddit users. This way, you can see for yourself how our boards are being received by regular old skateboarders (that aren’t the owner of Pantheon Longboards). Thanks again for all the love!

Reddit User testing Pantheon Ember for Wheelbase
Reddit User tests the Pantheon Ember for wheelbite with 85mm Caguamas

I signed up for /r/longboarding a few years ago because I was excited to find that there was another public forum out there talking about longboarding.  I have been skating for a long time, taking a highly analytical approach to longboard gear, and I felt like I could chip in and offer some advice here and there as well as tell people about the stuff I care about. As you can imagine, as a business owner, it’s easy to get lost in so many different worlds, and at some point Reddit just sort of dropped off the map for me. And then one day in mid-2017, a friend of mine told me that I should check out /r/longboarding because people were raving about our Ember deck. That definitely got me excited!

The Pantheon path back to Reddit

So I got back on Reddit and so many people were talking about our new Ember commuter longboard. This was mid-2017, when our double drop Trip longboard had been temporarily discontinued because we were unable to make the curves work, pressing in dry Denver (we got that fixed). People getting excited about this thing that I’m doing that I’m putting so much of my heart and soul and effort and time into…it gets me excited!

So naturally, I have been spending more time on Reddit lately, answering questions whenever I can, and generally trying to offer help when duty calls, be it for Pantheon or otherwise. And since that first encounter, we have released a couple more Pantheon boards that Reddit users really love! A great deal of Reddit users are beginners, so if you ended up here and you fall into that category, take a look at our Longboard Beginner Guide!

So here’s what I want to do with this space. One of the only real failures behind Reddit and Facebook and any of the daily online social outlets is that everything is so here today, gone tomorrow. It makes it especially difficult as a small company with a small advertising budget, because people forget. Our attention spans are short! And sometimes people feel like they’re beating a dead horse when they’ve heard the same thing over and over. But new users are seeing reviews every day, and as the hype train gets a little tired, strong products can sometimes disappears in the deep ocean of ones and zeros. But it’s the internet, and it’s going to exist forever.

So I’m just going to add links when I can, and I may add some more as I go, so that readers of this blog can see how people are responding to our boards. Because, and this is one of the things that I love so much about the Reddit platform, real reviews from anonymous users really mean something to me. These aren’t reviews from people trying to impress us or that have any stake in giving a review. They’re just reviews because people feel compelled. This really means a lot to me.

One more important thing to note here is how much awesome information is in these threads. If you have questions, a lot of them will be answered here, from setup possibilities to how the flex handles at certain weights. Read on!

Pantheon’s Reddit Review List


We will ad more later! Lots of reviews in the daily general threads (DGT) but they are always here today, gone tomorrow. Such is their nature. Thanks again to all for the support. It means a lot to us to see our creations loved, cherished, and SHREDDED. That’s the whole reason Pantheon Longboards exists!

As always, bookmark Pantheon Longboards if you haven’t already, to keep up to date with all the latest Pantheon goodness!

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