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Some Words About Our Skateboards

Some Words About Our Skateboards

Pantheon Decks were created through love of skateboarding and the desire and will to create perfect skateboards. Months of shaping, reworking shapes, and years of building off of past designs, studying what works, what feels good, what is necessary, and what’s not, what’s cost effective, and what the difference is between value added features and what’s just good marketing has led to this moment of creation. Pantheon is fresh and as true as it will ever be right in this moment.

What you see here are the balanced points in space where we find those features resonating together to the greatest efficiency and amplitude. I guess you’ll just have to trust us, or maybe you’re lucky enough to have a friend who has a Pantheon deck, but we really hope you get to cop a feel and see for yourself what we have identified as shred-worthy decks.

What you experience on a Pantheon board is my experience manifested. As a long-time skater already, now with a history of skate and longboard retail management, board design and development, and team management, I have both listened to hundreds of customer and team opinions and also gained experience in developing my own now for years, and this has helped shape my opinion on what I am creating today. In essence, I aim to always do my best work, and I believe you are seeing it now, from the ground up.

Please look through our collection at our longboard shop page and feel free to hit me up through our contact page to ask me any questions about the boards. If you have a local shop, have them contact us! Our family appreciates your support and assistance in helping us further along our course. I believe you will continue to see awesome things manifested from team Pantheon.

-Jeff V

Our Most Popular Boards:

Mini Cruiser Commuter Longboard – Pantheon Ember
Double Drop Distance Longboard – Pantheon Trip
Technical Downhill Board – Pantheon Scoot

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