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Whatever we think about ourselves–whatever value we place on our own lives, here I am. There you are. You are here. Do you believe in chance or do you believe in fate? Are you reading this because you ended up right next to here based on a series of decisions and then decided to make your next move toward this place? Are you here because there is simply no other thing that you could currently be? Here is what you happened–what you are happening. At any point in his conversation, because of the nature of written communication, you can walk away. And then here/there you’ll be. And you’ll take from it whatever you decided and were prepared to take from it. Maybe nothing at all!

You could be anyone. Think about it. At some point you were some potential, and then you ended up in the belly of a woman, who successfully birthed you, and that woman became your mom. She could’ve been any mom in the world–in the Universe. She was yours. And you were birthed and became, through a series of happenings, one after another after another. At some point you learned to read, to understand, and then you did a bunch of stuff and you fell in this place.  You could’ve been anybody, and yet you are here with me. I could’ve been anybody, and here I am now. With you. At some point I was a potential and I might’ve become a monk in Tibet or a homeless Indian, or man on the street, or an heir to a fortune, or a woman, or a hermit in the Maine woodlands. I could’ve been you. You could’ve been me. Ultimately, that thing which we are. We all could’ve been each other.

Nevertheless, here we are. You are reading this as I am writing this very word. Each individual letter, which you are grouping and turning into meaning. 

I am a wave of potential trapped into a point of observation given the ability to observe and understand relativley abstract thought, move all my digits, transfer my self from one place to another on a 3 dimensional plane along a 4th dimension of time, and transfer other objects housing points of observation through my body and use as energy to further propel myself through this plane. You are the same thing. The same potential, trapped in a different body. We are the same. 

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